GPS Solutions

Victor Reader Trek

  • Navigate the world around you and that latest best seller with one consistent physical experience!
  • Take a long bus ride and read books or listen to podcasts
  • With the press of that one button, Trek will tell you:
    • Your current nearest address
    • Cardinal direction you are traveling
    • Description of the next intersection
    • Next instructions if you are following a route
  • Simply drop a voice tagged landmark and you can receive turn by turn directions to that an exact point
  • Use Trek’s familiar telephone keypad to quickly type an address
  • Simply press the toggle button to get back in your book or podcast exactly where you left off


Sendero GPS products provide access to detailed street and business location information. The blind traveler can now be a co-pilot , not just a passive passenger in a car. He or she can keep the taxi driver honest, enjoy hearing about the sites and businesses being passed and know independently when to get off the bus. Students can also chart custom routes across campus or hikers can do the same in the woods. Sendero GPS is available on a variety of platforms:

  • Sendero GPS for Humanware Braille Note
  • Sense Nav (powered by Sendero GPS) for the Voice Sense and Braille Sense U2
  • Sendero Maps for the PC: virtual exploration only, no GPS capability




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