MAGic Keyboard

Price: $79.00
Shipping: $20.00

The MAGic Large Print Keyboard provides low vision users with an easy-to-read keyboard with dedicated MAGic feature keys, putting the low vision assets of MAGic at your fingertips. Bold, high contrast keys provide fast, accurate typing with less of the eye fatigue experienced when straining to locate keys on standard keyboards.

MAGic’s most-used functions are pre-assigned to single keys, providing quick access to these features. Press a single key to launch MAGic. Quickly zoom out to 1x to check your formatting and then return to your working magnification level. Toggle on and off visual enhance¬ments for mouse, cursor, and focus tracking. Adjust reading speed on the fly. Control all these features and more with the 22 specialized keys.

Easily change magnification levels using the scroll wheel
Hear on-screen text as it is read to you with responsive and customizable low vision speech
Adjust reading speed on the fly
Tailor the on-screen appearance in ways that best address your needs and preferences
Create one-touch access to applications, documents, Web pages, and Windows® commands
Built-in controls for dual monitor use