ID Mate Summit

Price: $1,295.00
Shipping: $20.00


The i.d. mate Summit is a portable electronic device that scans the bar code or UPC on an item and can identify that item and much more! The i.d. mate Summit can be used at home or on the go to identify cans, jars, boxes, bottles, clothing, playing cards, prescription drugs, CDs, DVDs, albums, cassette tapes, pictures, important documents and the list goes on and on! In fact, any item that is not easily identifiable by means of the other senses is a candidate for i.d. mate Summit.

i.d. Mate Summit has updated its database to include over a million items! Many of the descriptions contained in this database provide extended package details beyond just the description. Examples of the extended data include:

Ingredients (Song list on CDs)
Nutritional Information
Package Size
Miscellaneous package details