Prodigi Duo 2 in 1 Electronic Magnifier 24 inch

Price: $3,099.00
Shipping: $49.00
Item Number: FGPG-1114


The unique Personal Vision Assistant that incorporates both a table-top magnifier and a hand-held magnifier in one easy-to-use package.
Includes a lightweight, portable 5” HD magnifier with a touch screen, that docks right into the table-top unit.
Touch and Tap™ controls: no X-Y table or bulky knobs to turn.
Diamond-Edge Text™ that can be magnified as much as needed without loss of image quality.
Switch from reading documents to listening to them, with the tap of a finger.
Store photos and documents to take with you wherever you go.
Available in your choice of a 20-inch (51 cm) or 24-inch (61 cm) LCD screen.