Pocket Recorder

Pocket Recorder – An Accessible Recording Application by Sweetman Systems

As we announced at CSUN, we have been working hard for the last few months to bring our accessible recorder iOS app to life and we are pleased to tell you that Pocket Recorder is now available!

We know that there are many other recording apps currently in the App Store, but we have dedicated many hours to designing this app to be the easiest and most convenient app available to anyone with a visual impairment.

  • Pocket Recorder’s menus are simple and easy to navigate.
  • Icons are large and easy to find.
  • Recordings are automatically uploaded to any device linked to your Dropbox account.
  • Connect any iOS compatible braille display for easy editing and navigating.
  • A simple, two finger double tap allows you to enter recording titles with your voice, rather than using the phone’s keyboard.

To find Pocket Recorder in the App Store open the link below on your mobile device or search for “Pocket Recorder Sweetman Systems” in the App Store.