A picture of Bob and Sue SweetmanOperating out of Southern California since 1989, Sweetman Systems provides system integration, product installation, and customized configuration services for a wide range of adaptive hardware and software. We also provide training which is tailored to meet the needs of the user.


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Special Offers


Text saying Special Offer; a woman reading a book with the Reveal 16

Conquer Low Vision

Great news! LIVE now and until November 30th 2021, HumanWare will extend an incredible offer! Buy a Reveal 16 or a Reveal 16i and get the gift of a FREE battery and a FREE Exploré 5, for an incredible value saving of $1058!

Don’t miss the opportunity to get all the solutions you need to conquer low vision in every way – at home, at school, or while going about your daily activities indoors or outdoors!

YOUR GIFT when purchasing a Reveal 16 or Reveal 16i

  • Exploré 5: The best image quality packed into a portable powerhouse
  • FREE battery for the Reveal 16 or Reveal 16i of your choice

Why choose Reveal 16 or Reveal 16i?

  • Delivering an uncompromisingly superb image quality, Reveal 16 is the simplest-to-use, transportable, desktop magnifier suitable for seniors, young students and anyone in between looking for an easy to use solution.
  • Smart, connected and transportable, the Reveal 16i is a unique, all-in-one digital magnifier! Designed for students, professionals and active retirees, it will keep you engaged in today’s fast-paced world and connected to your family and friends.